Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Michael Leach: The Journey of an African American to Reformed Christianity

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Michael Leach, pastor of All Saints Redeemer Church in Stone Mountain, GA, will address the theme: "The Journey of An African-American into Reformed Christianity".

As Pastor Leach put it so very, very well, "What are some of the Reformed doctrines that have impacted me most? The answers are legion, but the doctrine of Christ bestrides them all like an imposing giant colossus. There is no other person in all of Scripture and in all of history who is as dominant and disparaged, perfect and spurned, good and despised, loving and rejected, as he is. No other religious faith teaches self-revelation of God in the weakness of human flesh. No other holds to the doctrine of God, who lowered himself to live among his creatures, undergoing all of their experiences, except for sin, and then paying the penalty for their sin with his life. No other religion or faith can claim such a profound history of redemption. None other dares to contemplate at the same time the vast disparity and immeasurable distance between Creator and creature, between a holy God and sinful man, as well as the nearness of God and man, the very bridging of this gap by our Mediator, the God-Man, Jesus Christ himself. The doctrine of Christ, a sine qua non of biblical Christianity, reaches its fullest exposition in the traditions of the Reformed faith..."

Pastor Leach also teaches theology and homiletics at American University of Bible Studies in Decatur, GA (see
www.aubs.edu), and is a contributor to the book "Glory Road: The Journeys of 10 African-Americans into Reformed Christianity".

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