Sunday, November 8, 2009

ISI Is Off The Air

Dear Fans and Friends of Iron Sharpens Iron,

On November 2, 2009 Chris Arnzen found out that WNYG (the station hosting Iron Sharpens Iron) was sold. The station is currently off the air.

Please keep Chris and the show in your prayers, as he seeks a new station to continue the show.

If you've enjoyed Iron Sharpens Iron over the years, please take a few minutes to send Chris an e-mail and let him know that you're praying for him, and that you hope to hear the show back on the air soon:

Donations to help Chris through this time
can be sent here.

I'll be keeping the archives available, and I'll post updates as soon as they become available.

James Swan


daninkorea said...




Here's hoping another avenue presents itself quickly! Iron Sharpens Iron is currently the best (that I'm aware of) Christian radio program on the air!

Blessings to Mr Arnzen, may God encourage you for His glory!

Daniel and Hannah, Korea.

Andrew Suttles said...

Bro Arnzen -

I can't believe it! What a blessing ISI has been to me over the past year. The ISI broadcast alone was worth the price of my IPod.

Perhaps there may be a way to webcast the show until a new home can be found.

I hope God continues to use you for his glory and I hope ISI can make a bold comeback.

Andrew Suttles

ChaferDTS said...

This is a great program and pray that it comes back on. How about having Iron Sharpens Iron start a live web cast similar to Dr. James White in his DL program. Or maybe merge the programs of together ?

Sir Brass said...

Chafer, the problem is that this is Chris' source of income. The Dividing Line won't be able to provide him any income. A&O isn't able financially to have more people on staff than it already has either (total: 2).

ChaferDTS said...

In the New York City area we have AM 570 on radio. That could be a good place to check out since it's a Christian program station. I would hate to see a high quality program such as thing staying off the air. I will keep Chris in prayer over this whole mess.

junkjunk said...

It seems to me that as information distribution goes, radio is giving way to the internet. I do hope you continue to provide the message. There are many free and/or inexpensive resources for podcasting. By the way, how does one MAKE money doing a program? It seems to me that it would be very expensive. Podcasting however is extremely inexpensive. For example libsyn will host/distribute podcast content for about $20 with unlimited bandwidth. IDK I hope the need to make an income elsewhere will not make you think you have to give up your real work.

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