Monday, November 23, 2009

Brad K. Gsell: The Legacy of Billy Graham: The Accommodation of Truth to Error in the Evangelical Church

MP3 Available here This mp3 is a back up copy of the show before Internet recording became availabe. Our apologies for the sound quality

Brad K. Gsell, an elder and minister of music of the Bible Presbyterian Church of Charlotte, NC, will address the theme of his very controversial book: "The Legacy of Billy Graham: The Accommodation of Truth to Error in the Evangelical Church".

According to a post by Michael Wagner on "The Chalcedon Foundation" website:

"For a few decades the most prominent leader within the religious movement known as “evangelicalism” has been evangelist Billy Graham. He is well known for his large evangelistic crusades that draw thousands of people. Billy Graham is a religious celebrity, and he is revered by millions of evangelical Christians around the world. Indeed, some evangelicals attribute their conversion to Christianity to the ministry of Rev. Graham... Billy Graham is a very successful and popular Christian leader. But success and popularity are not to be the standard for Christians. God’s Word, the Bible, is the standard, and by this standard Graham falls far short. It’s great that some people have turned to Christ through his ministry, but his Arminianism and other errors mark him as one who cannot receive support from Reformed Christians."

This discussion is important today because as we approach the day when Mr. Graham, now 91, can no longer participate in public Evangelism due to health reasons, or departs from this earth, those in power in the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association are faced with the question of who will carry the torch for this organization further into the third millennium, and whether or not Mr. Graham's flawed approach to evangelism will be championed or abandoned.

Today our guest Brad K. Gsell will document that this beloved hero of modern evangelicalism (and of Americans in general spanning religious affiliation):

  • Insists that Modernists be included on Crusade Committees
  • Includes Catholics and Non-Believing Jews on his Crusade Committees
  • Sends converts back to Liberal Protestant & Roman Catholic Churches as well as the Synagogue
  • Praised the USSR regarding its alleged support of authentically Christian Churches
  • Substitutes man-made methods for God's methods
Brad also serves as the Vice President of The Independent Board for Presbyterian Foreign Missions; Stated Clerk of Faith Presbytery, Bible Presbyterian Church; and is on the executive committee of the American Council of Christian Churches. In addition, Mr. Gsell serves as editor of Redeeming the Time, a conservative quarterly publication with the purpose of encouraging God's people and applying God's Word to the issues of our day (see

You can contact Brad at

To order Brad's book write to:
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