Thursday, October 15, 2009

John Otis: Unveiling Freemasonry's Idolatry... Plus a review of Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol

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John Otis, who just recently accepted the call to the pastorate of Covenant Reformed Presbyterian Church (RPCUS) in Burlington, NC, will address the theme of his new book: "Unveiling Freemasonry's Idolatry... Plus a review of Dan Brown's 'The Lost Symbol'".

This work, which grew from 350 pages to nearly 700 pages, is now finally in print , and is considered to be the most extensively researched and the most comprehensive treatment of Freemasonry by a Christian author.

While Pastor Otis was a member of the Presbyterian Church in America denomination (see, he spearheaded a PCA General Assembly study committee from 1986-87 that was appointed to determine whether the tenents of Freemasonry violated Scripture. In 1987 the PCA General Assembly agreed with their findings that it was incompatible with the Christian religion.

Having finished Dan Brown's book, 'The Lost Symbol', Pastor Otis believes it is noteworthy that Brown has captured the essence of Masonic ritual- the perfection of man's being, the recognition that he is divine. Masonry touts the Gnostic, neo-platonic belief that man has two natures. His divine nature and his earthly nature. The goal of Masonry is that through Masonic light, man's divine nature gains precedence over his earthly passions.

During this interview Pastor Otis will seek to answer such questions as "What are the historical foundations of Freemasonry?", "Why is it a cult?", "What is the nature of the ghastly oaths required in the Lodge?", "What is the Masonic Secrecy all about?", "Were some American Presidents members of the Lodge?", "Why Jesus Christ is forbidden to be mentioned in the Lodge?", "What should church leaders do with members who are in the Lodge?"...and more!

Providentially, without our foreknowledge, this interview is being aired one day prior to NBC Television's rare and exclusive interview with Dan Brown on his book (see

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