Monday, September 28, 2009

Thomas McGovern: Testimony of a Former Jehovah's Witness(Encore Presentation)

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Thomas McGovern, founder of Dispel the Darkness Ministries , will address his "Testimony of a Former Jehovah's Witness".

In Tom's own words:

"As I write, I am moved to great humility and gratitude before God, because He has delivered me from bondage to a cult. I spent nearly thirty years as a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW). I was a follower of men and I have to confess that it was my own immaturity and lack of biblical discernment that allowed me to be deceived. I had, prior to my involvement with the Witnesses, placed faith in Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. But I was young and stupid, and worse, I was not diligent in the Word. So, when the Witnesses came along, the things they said seemed very reasonable and I accepted their teachings and practices as – what seemed to me at the time – the correct way to spend my life in service to God...

"...Thinking back to that day at 13 years old or so when I gave my life to Jesus, I realize that He has been with me ever since. JW’s in general don’t have the relationship with Jesus that I always felt. I always knew that He was central – in the minds of most JW’s, he’s a minor character. But He was always there with me, by my side. I always felt His love, and I know He is the one who brought me to where I am now... (
Read complete testimony here).

During this program we will also be promoting an upcoming event that our guest Tom McGovern will be participating in Friday, Saturday & Sunday, October 16 - 18: the Witnesses Now For Jesus Convention, to be held at the Blue Mountain Christian Retreat in New Ringgold, PA.
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