Monday, June 15, 2009

HAMZA ABDUL MALIK & DAVID WOOD: QUR'AN ONLY MUSLIMS: Muslims at Odds with the Majority of those Professing Islam (Part 3)

MP3 Available Here

HAMZA ABDUL MALIK, a convert from Christianity to Islam, and DAVID WOOD, a convert from Atheism to Christianity, will address "QUR'AN ONLY MUSLIMS: Muslims at Odds with the Majority of those Professing Islam".

The first two parts of this live discussion took place on Tuesday, June 2 (MP3 Available Here ) & Wednesday, June 3 (MP3 Available Here ).

According to our "Qur'an Only" Muslim guest, Hamza Abdul Malik:

"Many sectarian Muslims, such as Sunnis, Shiites, Ahmadiyya, etc., Arabs included, read the Qur'aan but few really stop to see what it means. Even fewer really follow the Qur'aan. When discussing their "religion" very few Muslims quote any verses from the Qur'aan.

"It is a fact that nothing the Muslim does in his or her practice of the "religion" can be traced exactly back to the Qur'aan, not one thing. Rituals such as the Shahadatain, the five daily prayers, fasting, pilgrimage, zakat, hijab, etc., do not follow exactly what is written in the Qur'aan, but have their origins in sources other than the Qur'aan.

"The Qur'aan condemns them for their actions by stating:

" 'And when it is said to them, Come to that which Allah has revealed (Al-Qur'aan) and to the Messenger, they say: Sufficient for us is that wherein we found our fathers. What! even though their fathers knew nothing and had no guidance!' (Q.5:104)

"The question then becomes: what is the purpose of the Qur'aan in the life of a practicing Muslim?..."

HAMZA ABDUL MALIK was raised as a Christian and reverted to Islam in 1970. He has committed himself to the study of Comparative Religion for the past 35 years. Mr. Malik has a special interest in New Testament theology and the historical Jesus, his person and his mission. In 1988, Mr. Malik was co-instructor of an international Da'wah Course sponsored by the International Propagation Center, Inc. (IPCI) of Durban. Mr. Malik is a skilled debater and has engaged in Christian-Muslim dialogue and debates in many cities in the United States and abroad. He has conducted numerous lectures and seminars on the study of Comparative Religion as a tool for Da'wah.

DAVID WOOD has become fondly known as "Iron Sharpens Iron's Resident Apologist to the Muslims". David is a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at Fordham University . A former atheist, David converted to Christianity based on the historical evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus. David now debates both atheists and Muslims and is co-director of
Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries, an organization he founded with Nabeel Qureshi, a convert from Islam to Christianity. David also contributes to which he considers to be the very best resource available anywhere, bar none, to discover and learn the true history and teachings of Islam. He personally operates the blog site

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