Wednesday, May 27, 2009

DR. JAMES R. WHITE: Islam and the Qur'an

MP3 Available Here

DR. JAMES R. WHITE, founder & director of Alpha & Omega Ministries , a theologically Reformed Christian apologetics ministry based in Phoenix, AZ, will address the theme: Islam and the Qur'an.

Co-hosting will be David Wood, founder of the web site

During this live, call-in interview we will also be promoting the upcoming MUSLIM-CHRISTIAN DIALOGUE between Dr. White and Imam SHAMSI ALI, Director of the Jamaica Muslim Center (see, Chairman of the Indonesian Muslim Community and Spiritual Leader of the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, the largest Mosque in New York City. According to "New York Magazine", he is one of the most influential religious figures in New York City.

The dialogue will be held at the United Presbyterian Church of Ridgewood, Queens, NY, on THURSDAY, JUNE 25, 7PM. For more details see the rotating banner ad at the Alpha & Omega Ministries web site.


Haecceitas said...

The MP3 link doesn't seem to work.

Papa Budi said...

Hi Chris,
Greetings from Indonesia.
I was excited to hear my message read on Iron Sharpens Iron. I have been listening to your show for about two years by now and have been greatly benefited by it. I am a Christian living in Indonesia and have to go with Papa Budi as my pseudonym. I enggage in debates with Indonesian Muslims, Roman Catholic, and atheists. One or twice I posted comments on
God bless you and your family Chris.


PS: the current show is incomplete and only lasted for 25 minutes.

James Swan said...

I'm working on getting the MP3 link fixed. It does only play for the first 25 min. We usually have a back up copy, so check back here within the next day or so.

James Swan said...

The MP3 should be longer now. There was a power failure during the broadcast, but the show is just about complete.

Papa Budi said...

Thanks James,
I have downloaded it. Now, I cannot download discussion with James White on Mormonism.

Manny Ambanloc Rosario said...
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Manny Ambanloc Rosario said...

Hi Papa BudiWe are neighbors: you're from Indonesia, I am from the Philippines.

Its nice to hear about your ministry there. Please pray for Mindanao(southern Philippines). A large part of the population there are Muslims.

May God bless your ministry!

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