Monday, May 18, 2009

BILL McKEEVER: IS IT TIME TO EMBRACE THE LDS CHURCH AS CHRISTIAN?: Looking at Mormonism through a 21st century lens

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BILL McKEEVER, founder of Mormonism Research Ministry , will address the theme: "IS IT TIME TO EMBRACE THE LDS CHURCH AS CHRISTIAN?: Looking at Mormonism through a 21st century lens".

In 1997, InterVarsity Press published a controversial book by an Evangelical, Craig L. Blomberg, and a Mormon, Stephen E. Robinson, titled "
How Wide the Divide? A Mormon & An Evangelical in Conversation". Many Christian apologists, while encouraging healthy and honest dialogue between Evangelicals and Mormons, criticized this work believing that it softened and blurred many huge, cavernous differences that exist between these two religions which are as different as night and day. There are, to the amazement of many conservative, Christian apologists, a growing number of professing Evangelicals who are seeking a much greater degree of unity between Christians and Mormons, but is it time to embrace the LDS Church as Christian?

Bill will address that question on today's broadcast, and also at the "
Compassionate Boldness" conference in Draper, Utah May 29th & 30th, where he will be one of twelve speakers. Bill founded Mormonism Research Ministry, based in the Salt Lake City, Utah area, in 1979. His interest in Mormonism began when his Mormon friends attempted to proselytize him into the LDS faith shortly after his conversion to Christianity in 1973 . The more he discussed spiritual issues with his LDS friends, the more concerned for them he became. Bill is the author of "Answering Mormons’ Questions", co-author of "Mormonism 101" and compiler for the newly released "In Their Own Words: A Collection of Mormon Quotations." He is also the editor of MRM’s newsletter, Mormonism Researched, occasional contributor to MRM’s blog site, Mormon Coffee and a contributing writer to "The Christian Research Journal". Bill and his wife Tamar have three grown children.

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