Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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SCOTT KRANIAK, a nouthetic counselor and pastor of Centereach Bible Church on Long Island (see www.CentereachBibleChurch.net), will address the theme of his book: "SPIRITUAL LIVING IN A SEXUAL WORLD".

In this modern world of pushing the limits, Christians today find themselves up against tantalizing, subtly alluring, and a fiercely ensnaring sexual pull that is all around us. "Spiritual Living in a Sexual World" leads the reader to the Divine and Omniscient guidance of God. During this interview, our guest Scott Kraniak also addresses his own former enslavement to pornography and how God freed him from this bondage.

Scott Kraniak's deep love and devotion to the Lord shines through! The Lord has used him to bless so many of us through his writings, his sermons, and by his example. He loves and is devoted to his family: wife Julie, and 2 boys, Jacob and Aaron. He and his wife lovingly homeschool their boys. In addition to being pastor of Centereach Bible Church, he serves as a chaplain with
Racing With Jesus Ministries at the very popular Riverhead Raceway on Long Island.

Co-hosting this broadcast is BOBBY LLYOD, also formerly enslaved to pornography and now freed from this bondage, who is currently the Executive Director of
Long Island Citizens for Community Values. You can hear another broadcast of an "Iron Sharpens Iron" interview on this topic with Bobby Lloyd on FREE downloadable MP3 by clicking here.

PASTOR SCOTT KRANIAK invites everyone to a seminar featuring a well known Baptist evangelist with Cerebral Palsy named
JUSTIN PETERS being conducted at CENTEREACH BIBLE CHURCH on Long Island June 19-21, 2009, on the theme: "A CALL FOR DISCERNMENT: A Biblical Critique of the Word of Faith Movement". You can hear a previously aired "Iron Sharpens Iron" interview on this topic with Justin Peters on FREE downloadable MP3 by clicking here.

You can contact Pastor Scott Kraniak for more details at

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