Wednesday, January 14, 2009


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DR. MITCH GLASER, a Jewish believer in Jesus Christ as God and Messiah and president of Chosen People Ministries will address "THE CRISIS IN GAZA".

In addition to giving his insight on the current violence in the Holy Land, our guest Dr. Mitch Glaser will also give his own fascinating testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ, and will explain the origins and invaluable work of Chosen People Ministries.

In 1892, Rabbi Leopold Cohn, a recent immigrant to New York City from Hungary, was walking on the Lower East Side of Manhattan among thousands of other new Jewish immigrants when he heard a Jewish preacher proclaiming the Gospel in the Yiddish language. Rabbi Cohn stopped to speak with this man and eventually gave his heart to the Messiah. After receiving his theological training and leading his wife, Rose, to the Lord, Rabbi Cohn established the Brownsville Mission to the Jews. From these humble beginnings, Chosen People Ministries now serves the Jewish people all over the world.

Dr. Glaser assures us that the core doctrinal position of Chosen People Ministries has not changed in more than a century. According to Mitch, "We believe with all our hearts that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and that Jesus is the promised Messiah of Israel - and that the simple message of His death and resurrection has the power to transform the lives of Jews and Gentiles."

Chosen People Ministries' international headquarters is located at 241 East 51st Street in Manhattan, which is within half a mile of the United Nations and the headquarters of dozens of worldwide Jewish organizations. As Mitch puts it, "This is most fitting because it is our most fervent prayer to God - as it was the Apostle Paul's - that Israel might be saved and fully realize its calling to be a 'light unto the nations.' "

Unlike many involved in Messianic ministries, Mitch, who is theologically a Calvinist, fully recognizes that there are Christians who love the Jewish people from Amillennial and Postmillenial backgrounds who share with Premillennialist Christians a passion for seeing the Jews come to saving faith in Jesus Christ, therefore he, and Chosen People Ministries, have a very nonsectarian spirit when it comes to eschatological differences within the body of Christ. The very existence of Chosen People Ministries is largely due to our Sovereign God using the prayer and evangelism of faithful theologically Reformed Christians in the 19th century to bring new life in Christ to the Jews of New York City.

Co-hosting today's broadcast is Pastor Vincent Sawyer of Faith Baptist Church & Faith Bible Institute in Corona, Queens, NY.

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