Tuesday, December 9, 2008


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BRIAN MACKERT, born and raised in a polygamist Mormon cult and later saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, will address his testimony, found in his new book, "ILLEGITIMATE: HOW A LOVING GOD RESCUED A SON OF POLYGAMY".

The recent events at a Fundamentalist Mormon compound in Texas have ignited a national dialogue on religious sects. Formed as a splinter group of the LDS ("Latter Day Saints") church, these secretive cults exist in an insular world far removed from mainstream American culture. A world of abuse and twisted theology that seems too bizarre to be true. Yet for Brian J. Mackert, life inside this sect was all too real. As a son in a family of one father, four wives, and 31 children, Brian experienced firsthand the devastating realities of polygamous cults. Now Brian tells his remarkable story of tragedy and healing. "Illegitimate" takes readers behind today's shocking headlines and inside the walls of this controversial sect. Brian reveals a world of loving mothers and abusive fathers, devoted children and sibling rivalry, deceptive religion and the truth eventually found in Christ-outside the walls of the FLDS ("Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints").

Ultimately, "Illegitimate" demonstrates the incredible love of God, and His ability to bring light into the darkest of places.Today Brian is a licensed Baptist minister.

Contact Brian Mackert at http://www.illegitimatethebook.com/

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