Tuesday, November 18, 2008

KENNETH MICK : "LION SLAYER: Using the Right Truth to Slay the Enemy"

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LISTEN TO THIS LIVE, CALL-IN INTERVIEW WITH KENNETH MICK on his new book "LION SLAYER: Using the Right Truth to Slay the Enemy", TODAY (Tuesday, Nov.18th), 3-4pm Eastern on WNYG-1440AM Christian Radio in NY & CT and heard WORLDWIDE via live-streaming at www.sharpens.org. Join us on the air by CALLING IN with your own quetions at (631)321-WNYG (9694).

"Lion Slayer: Using the Right Truth to Slay the Enemy" (see http://www.emeraldhouse.com/) deletes that anguished cry from the lips of God’s people. God desires His people to grow spiritually strong and to triumph over temptation. Yet sinful habits overwhelm multitudes of believers, who cherish little hope for deliverance. This book provides welcomed relief. Prayerful readers will learn to:

Break the habits of ensnaring sins, and achieve a triumphant life style.
Recognize why we sometimes keep on disobeying God.
Discover the right truth that makes us free.
Believe the right truth that delivers from bondage.
Pray the right truth that rescues us from overwhelming temptations.
Walk in the Holy Spirit and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh.

“You may have looked for a book that helps you grow and overcome sin and Satan. Well, here it is! This volume, put to good use, will guide you scripturally to overcome evil. Get it for yourself, and give copies to your friends.” —Dr. Jay E. Adams, Author, Pastor, Seminary Professor

As a pastor and counselor, Kenneth Mick has successfully taught the truth of Lion Slayer for over 40 years. For 6 years he wrote "Green Pastures", a weekly devotional in the "Juniata Sentinel" newspaper in central PA. Pastor Ken received his B.A. in B.Ed. from Columbia International University (see http://www.ciu.edu/) and his M.Div. from Reformed Episcopal Seminary (see http://www.reseminary.edu/). His personal web site, http://www.lionslayer.com/, is currently under construction.

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