Wednesday, November 12, 2008


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PASTOR ROY KIRTON of Circle of Love Ministries and Safe Harbor Mentoring Program in Copiague, Long Island, NY ( ), and Bishop Andy C. Lewter of Hollywood Full Gospel Baptist Cathedral in North Amityville, Long Island, NY ( ), are African-American pastors, both Barack Obama supporters, who demonstrated deep concern over the airing of a radio broadcast on "Iron Sharpens Iron" after election day featuring a previously recorded interview with Black Pro-Life Activist, REV. CLENARD HOWARD CHILDRESS, founder of

REV. CHILDRESS vociferously opposed the presidential candidacy of Mr. Obama, and subsequently also passionately laments his election to the presidency, largely due to Mr. Obama's positions defending abortion.

Both Pastor Kirton and Bishop Lewter believe the airing of this encore presentation of "Iron Sharpens Iron" after the election lacked sensitivity on the part of this program's host and added to racial tension between Black and White Christians in the Long Island community amid an atmosphere already plagued with bigotry.

Listen to this extremely controversial dialogue between these two guests, the host and the listeners who phoned in to voice their opinions on issues that sadly appear to still polarize professing believers in New York.

You can listen to the encore presentation of Rev. Childress's interview that is at the root of our two guests' protest by clicking here:


Alexander said...

I am glad that someone finally spoke up about Iron Sharpens Irons lack of accountability and sensitivity for the African American Community. Opposing religious views does not make someone less of a Christian. I hope and pray that these self-professed "evangelicals" stop using God and Jesus as an excuse for their rejection and prejudice. Why can't you rejoice with the African American community that after hundreds of years of oppression, God finally judged this prejudice country by allowing the first African American man to be elected. It doesn't matter if it's President Obama or someone else. The bottom line is that God is good and faithful and vengance is his. In due season we have reaped because we didn't faint. That's Biblical!!!

James Swan said...


You are quite wrong when you say, "I am glad that someone finally spoke up about Iron Sharpens Irons lack of accountability and sensitivity for the African American Community."

I suggest you actually listen to Iron Sharpens Iron before critisizing it. The host, Chris Arnzen has done programs with African American guests, as well as addressing topics specific to African American issues.

This very show is an excellent example that Chris Arnzen will allow guests to be on his program, even if he disagrees with them. They will be treated fairly and respectfully.

If anything, you should be writing to THANK Chris Arnzen for his willingness to serve the church collective- by allowing Christians with very different points of view to have a platform to be heard.

In fact...YOU can even call Iron sharpens Iron, and have your opinion heard, and then forever available for the Christian community to hear on a FREE downloadable MP3.

Douglas Kofi Adu-Boahen said...

Black Christians (such as myself) never forgave our brethren in Christ, just as Christ forgave us.

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