Wednesday, October 8, 2008


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GABRIEL GROSSI, Reformed Baptist evangelist and author of "Preaching With Biblical Passion" and his new book "Preaching the Gospel Message" will address the question: "WHAT IS WRONG WITH PREACHING TODAY?"

According to today's guest:

"American Society is in a state of crippling moral chaos, because the church is in a state of spiritual & doctrinal chaos! The only hope for our country is the preaching of the true biblical Gospel of the Word of God! Both the Evangelical and sadly some Reformed churches are diluting-denying-neglecting-avoiding to emphasize and stress every part of the Gospel Message that was stressed-highlighted and emphasized by Christ and His Apostles! The biblical weight-emphasis and priority in the modern day proclamation falls short of the Gospel Message recorded in Scripture! I am calling preachers back to the Bible to humbly re-evaluate and seriously re-examine their Gospel preaching...

...I can understand the Evangelical Church compromising the Gospel Message but I am appalled and shocked the way some Reformed churches are failing to biblically stress-emphasis and highlight every biblical part of the Gospel Message! The primary purpose of preachers is to be faithful in proclaiming the balanced Gospel committed to their trust by Christ their Lord. This biblically balanced Gospel of Scripture must proclaimed to the members and participants of churches throughout all of our country...

...The Christian Church is the last hope for our country and if we do not emphasize-stress-highlight every part of the Gospel Message, God the Holy Spirit is grieved and will not bring a genuine revival and will not produce genuine conversions unto Christ!...

... The Scriptures, the great Church Confessions and the great preachers of Church history are all to be carefully investigated to see if in fact we have departed from the Gospel Message recorded in the Bible."

Gabriel Grossi was born and raised in Italy as a Roman Catholic. After coming to the United States in 1958, Mr. Grossi was converted to Christ in 1969. He attended Reformed Episcopal Seminary in Philadelphia, PA from 1970-1973. He has been actively engaged in lay-preaching since 1979. He was privileged to be intimately involved in a church planting work in Mid-town Manhattan in New York. He has also served in the pastorate for two years. Mr. Grossi is married with two adult sons.

Mr. Grossi is offering his book “Preaching the Gospel Message” for only $8/copy+Shipping. For those who cannot afford to pay he will send the book to them free of charge. The spiral paperback book has 233 pages with 360 footnotes. His other book, Preaching with Biblical Passion is on sale for $10 plus shipping & handling.You can contact him at (973)299-1579 or send him an email at

Gabriel Grossi is scheduled to preach this Sunday, October 12th at 10:30AM at the Massapequa Church of God, 890 Hicksville Road (Route 107), Massapequa, NY 11758 (near the border of Nassau & Suffolk County, Long Island). Call for directions and other details at (516)799-2421 or email Pastor Jim Capo at

Visit Mr. Grossi's website: GABRIEL GROSSI "Preaching With Biblical Passion"


doudlas schreiber said...

Hi Gabe. It's Doug. I can't copy and paste my picture on your website yet but Laura will help me. The site looks excellent. The whats wrong with preaching was in my opinion, the best one preached at the Haledon conference a few years ago. Doud.

doudlas schreiber said...

A great sermon about preaching that needs to be heralded. One other thing Macarthur said was when a pastor preaches for example about helping people who are brothers in need, the elders should make sure it is enforced. People could give a 25 dollar check to a brother out of work once a month if they are making at least 40 thousand a year. Imagine 40 people doing that to someone who need help. John and James say if you do not help the brother if able, where is the love of Christ in you. Try enforcing that in these days.

doudlas schreiber said...

I hope to visit more often but I must get that good looking picture of me on this web site.

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