Thursday, September 25, 2008

GARY DeMAR: "SHOULD WOMEN EVER LEAD OUR NATION (And Should Christians Ever Vote For Them)?"

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GARY DeMAR, a theologically Reformed Christian apologist well known for his adherence to Postmillennialism, Theonomy and Christian Reconstruction, highly sought-after conference speaker, President of American Vision , Editor of the monthly magazine "Biblical Worldview," host of "The Gary DeMar Show" and author of over 23 books on a wide range of issues will address the very timely and controversial theme: "SHOULD WOMEN EVER LEAD OUR NATION (And Should Christians Ever Vote For Them)?"

The above question has been the focus of much debate as of late due to the nomination of America's very first Republican candidate for Vice President, and stark differences of opinion exist even among the most conservative, fundamentalist and theologically Reformed Christians. Heated discussions over this issue have arisen between Christians who may even regularly sit near each other in the same pew every Sunday. We have featured guests on "Iron Sharpens Iron" on both sides of this debate.

According to today's guest, Gary DeMar, "There is concern and reservations over the candidacy of Sarah Palin as a vice-presidential candidate, and not all of it is coming from the political left. A number of Christians have expressed their disapproval of a woman holding political office. The most articulate biblical appraisal has been written by William Einwechter. At first reading, there is little I can disagree with, but I believe he has left out some important points of consideration..."

...Let’s begin with the obvious. If Sarah Palin were a man, conservatives everywhere would be rejoicing. It’s not her conservative policies her critics object to but the fact that she’s a woman, and the Bible prohibits women from holding civil office. This is the essence of the biblical argument against her. I’m not sure an iron-clad case can be made for the prohibition of women holding civil posts of authority in all circumstances..." (read more here).

Much of Gary DeMar's writing and public speaking ministry addresses his strong conviction that America was founded as a Christian nation and he debates this topic frequently.

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