Tuesday, September 16, 2008

DR. JOEL R. BEEKE: "LIVING FOR GOD's GLORY: An Introduction to Calvinism"

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DR. JOEL R. BEEKE, world-renowned author, highly sought-after conference speaker, and President and Professor of Systematic Theology & Homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan will address the theme of his latest book which is hot off the press: "LIVING FOR GOD's GLORY: An Introduction to Calvinism."

In this introduction to the doctrinal system known as Calvinism, Joel Beeke—with contributions from Sinclair Ferguson, Michael Haykin, Derek Thomas, Ray Pennings, and others—displays the biblical, God-centered, winsome, comprehensive, and practical nature of Calvinism.

In this comprehensive survey of Reformed Christianity, Dr. Beeke and eight fellow contributors offer twenty–eight chapters that trace the history of Calvinism; explore its key doctrinal tenets, such as the so-called five points of Calvinisms and the solas of the Protestant Reformation; reveal how Calvinists have sought to live in devotion to God; and survey Calvinism's influence in the church and in the world at large. In the end, the book asserts that the overriding goal of Calvinism is the glory of God. Saturated with Scripture citations and sprinkled with quotations from wise giants of church history, this book presents Calvinism in a winsome and wondrous fashion.


“It was a joy to read this excellent and useful book. It presents us with the basics of the history of Calvinism and confessionalism, as well as the mainstream Calvinistic teaching on salvation, piety, growth, the church, preaching, evangelism, marriage, family, work, politics, ethics, doxology…and more.” —J. Ligon Duncan III

“There seems to be a popular misconception afoot that Calvinism is an impressive intellectual structure, but that Reformed people must find resources elsewhere for practical piety. At the heart of Joel Beeke’s ministry has been a burden to show the opposite conclusion…the book is written in a warm, pastoral, and engaging way.” —Michael Horton

“Living for God’s Glory is a very helpful and insightful introduction to Reformed Christianity. It demonstrates that Calvinism is not narrowly doctrinal, but broad and profound, speaking to every aspect of Christian life.” —W. Robert Godfrey

“Living for God’s Glory is solid Christian truth in its all its fullness, beauty, and strength. I wish I had had such a book in my hands when I was a young believer starting out on the journey to learn theology.” —Maurice Roberts

“This book is rooted in the conviction that Calvinism is a gospel-centered, biblical theology for all of life. Joel Beeke shows how God’s grace is glorified in the believer’s mind and heart, not only in the church, but also in the world.”—Philip Graham Ryken

“Dr. Joel Beeke has once again performed a great service for the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Buy a copy for yourself and a number to give away.” —Joseph A. Pipa Jr.

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