Thursday, August 21, 2008


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WILLIAM HUGHES, pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Coconut Creek, FL, will address: "THE JOHNNY FARESE STORY: THE TRIAL & TRIUMPH OF TRUE FAITH."

JOHNNY FARESE has been disabled since birth, is paralysed in both arms and legs, and has been unable to sit up for over 10 years. Johnny lives in Florida with his brother Paul and sister-in-law Janis and their four children. He enjoys a very productive life, is keenly interested in a variety of sports, and has a special involvement in information technology, including the maintenance of his own web site,, which includes what is most likely the most extensive directory of Baptist churches that are theologically Reformed in the entire world.

During today's broadcast, WILLIAM HUGHES, Johnny Farese's pastor, will describe Johnny's deeply moving, inspiring and humbling testimony of growing up since infancy with a life-threatening and debilitating illness, and how Johnny abandoned the superstition and vain hope of Roman Catholicism after discovering the glorious, awesome Grace of Jesus Christ. Pastor Bill will also describe how Johnny jettisoned his former belief that he was the victim of "bad luck" and joyfully embraced the fact that his disability was the design and foreordained plan of an omniscient, Sovereign God.

Johnny Farese cannot conduct live interviews of this length on his own due to the fact that he is unable to swallow and requires a suctioning machine to clear his throat frequently. During this broadcast you will hear a portion of Johnny's testimony in his own voice that has been prerecorded. You can email Johnny at

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