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CLIFFORD LEIGH, author, illustrator and deacon at the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Bohemia, Long Island, NY will address how his personal testimony led to his wrting of the novel: THE WORDSMITH, THE KID & THE ELECTROLUX.

As an illustrator, Cliff has had numerous gallery exhibitions in SoHo, and, as Chief Idea Person to Pop Artist Mark Kostabi, his work is exhibited in major galleries and museums worldwide. You can see some of Cliff's artwork at his personal web site .

Cliff is also a designer for Evergreene Painting Studios , the world's largest art and historical restoration firm. His design work can be seen in notable buildings such as St. Peter's Church, San Francisco, the Miami City Hall, Grey Towers Historic Preservation, the Allen County Courthouse, and the Meridien Grand Opera House.

Cliff is the grandson of Lee Kau Yan, the former Anglican Archdeacon of Hong Kong and founder of the St. Mark's School there. Born in New York, Cliff was raised in the Episcopal Church but stopped attending in college. At the age of twenty-two, he began reading a Bible left on his shelf by his itinerant Baptist missionary uncle, M.O. Lee, who had visited years earlier from Hawaii. Largely isolated for the next few years in his studies, he attempted to follow the moral teachings of the Scriptures, but found it impossible. When scanning the radio he heard the Gospel of the full and actual atoning work of Christ which he believed and embraced. The year was 1988, the radio station was Family Radio and he became an avid listener. He fully was persuaded of five-point Calvinism through the teaching of Harold Camping. Although Cliff remains a five-point Calvinist, he now joins the majority of Reformed Christians in denouncing Harold Camping as a dangerous heretic.

Many of these experiences have found there way, in form one form or another, into Cliff's fiction. Co-hosting this interview is Pastor Meint Ploegman of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church of Bohemia, Long Island, NY, Cliff's pastor.

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