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DR. SAM WALDRON, one of the pastors of the Heritage Baptist Church of Owensboro, Kentucky, and the Professor of Systematic Theology at the Midwest Center for Theological Studies, will address the theme of his book: "MacARTHUR's MILLENNIAL MANIFESTO: A Friendly Response."

Dr. John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA is a modern-day hero of many Christians today, particularly of many if not most Reformed Baptists today (including the host of this program--he has been a guest on "Iron Sharpens Iron" previously and we eagerly desire his return to the program ASAP). His radio and television ministry, "Grace To You," and his many writings, have been a constant source of healthy, spiritual food for Calvinists, even before he finally adopted the "L" in "TULIP": the controversial doctrine of "Limited Atonement" (AKA: "Definite Atonement", or "Particular Redemption"), after already affirming all the other doctrines of Calvinism found in that historic Reformed acronym. But, also being a passionate Dispensationalist, there are times when even Dr. MacArthur's friends and "students in the Faith" strongly disagree with him on various issues, as brethren in Christ, even when embracing very similar theological positions, often do with one another.

At the 2007 Shepherds' Conference , John MacArthur delivered a controversial message entitled, "Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist is a Premillennialist." In the book we are addressing during today's interview, Dr. Sam Waldron addresses the assertions of MacArthur historically, exegetically and theologically. Although Dr. Waldron's arguments are rigorous, the entire tenor of the book is level-headed and irenic. This "friendly response" grants modern day Amillennialists the opportunity to thoughtfully engage their Dispensational brethren.

"With charity, this book exposes the fallacies--historical, exegetical and theological--inherent in Dr. MacArthur's presentation...Thank you, Dr. Waldron, for showing us how a theological refutation may be done with grace and kindness"...James M. Renihan, Ph.D.

"Samuel Waldron's 'friendly response' to John MacArthur's 'millennial manifesto' will go a long way toward setting the record straight about what Reformed amillennialists actually believe about the church and Israel...I highly recommend this book to all who are interested in this controversy"...Kim Riddlebarger, Ph.D.

"Samuel Waldron's response to John MacArthur's controversial sermon, "Why Every Self-Respecting Calvinist Is a Premillennialist," is a gem. In a gentle spirit, and with an awareness of what is at stake, Waldron makes a persuasive case against MacArthur's unlikely claim that true Calvinists must subscribe to the tenets of dispensational premillennialism"...Cornelis Venema, Ph.D.

Dr. Sam Waldron is the author of numerous other books and pamphlets including To Be Continued: Are the Miraculous Gifts For Today?, 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith: A Modern Exposition, The End Times Made Simple, A Reformed Baptist Manifesto: The New Covenant Constitution of the Church and a contributor to the four views book on church government, Who Runs the Church?

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ChaferDTS said...

I enjoyed Dr. Sam Waldron's guest appearance on Iron Sharpens Iron. Though I do disagree with his Amillennial and Covenant Theology. I see him as a man of God. And I am happy he wrote that book of present day Amillennialism. He is someone christians can learn alot from. I look forward to buying and reading his book at some point. Most often both sides have been guilty of gross misrepresentation of the other points of view. Some within the Reformed community got bent out of shape over what Mac Arthur had stated in his sermon. I felt that many put words in his mouth that he did not say. Many have claimed Mac Arthur was refering specifically to " dispensational " premillennialism when he was speaking of the broad issue of Premillennialism. While they point out he misrepresented Amillennialism they themselves distorted what Mac Arthur was saying and his main point. I personally would love to see a debate between Dr. Sam Waldron and Dr. John Mac Arthur on the topic of Premillennialism verses Amillennialism. It would be very imformative for all sides of the

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