Tuesday, June 10, 2008


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WILLIAM NORMAN GRIGG, former Mormon High Priest who converted to Evangelical Christianity, former Senior Editor of The New American magazine and the author of such controversial books as Freedom On The Altar: The UN's Crusade Against God & Family , Global Gun Grab: The UN's Campaign to Disarm Americans and The Gospel of Revolt: Feminism vs. the Family will address the theme: "A CHRISTIAN LIBERTARIAN VIEW OF BARACK OBAMA & JOHN McCAIN."

Conservative Evangelicals here in America are probably more dismayed by this upcoming Presidential election than any other in memorable history, due to the fact that neither of the two candidates running on opposite sides of the aisle have a genuine, consistent and clearly identifiable affinity with the core biblical morals that the majority of the born-again community desires to see championed in the political arena. Today, hear how Barack Obama and John McCain square up with the United States Constitution and what Mr.Grigg believes to be true, Christian patriotism and conservatism.

We can only hope that this upcoming election will be used of God to draw the Evangelical church at large into a deeper trust and confidence in Christ Jesus Himself rather than having a tragically misguided dependence upon any elected official or political agenda.

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