Monday, June 16, 2008


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PAUL SCHWANKE, an International Evangelist & VINCENT SAWYER, pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Coronoa, Queens, NY will address the theme: "REACHING TEENS WITH THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST."

Since 1982 Evangelist Paul Schwanke has traveled the world preaching the glorious Gospel of Christ. From the jungles of Africa to the great cities of Asia, from the regions beyond in South America to the ancient cities of Europe, from Maine to Hawaii, Evangelist Schwanke has faithfully preached the perfect Word of God. During this broadcast he will join Pastor Vincent Sawyer to discuss the unique and difficult mission field known as "the Teenaged Population".

Here is a great example of a time when churches and individual Christians are regularly faced with the choice of whether or not to change methodology in evangelism in order to reach the hearts and minds of a particular audience with Christ's Gospel, and if methodology is to be changed in any way, how much should be altered, and in what specific ways, without corrupting the One true message of the Gospel. Many churches today mimic the favorite music of teens in the world with an added Christian message believing this will be most effective. Many evangelists will also adopt the clothing style and slang that is dominant among teens to further ensure "success" in their mission. Is any of this appropriate for biblically faithful evangelists? Is there room for a measure of liberty here? And what matters in life are peculiar roadblocks for teens regarding their coming to church, and staying there. These issues and more will be involved in this program focused on evangelizing teens.

During this program we will also be promoting this week's evangelistic meetings with Paul Schwanke at Faith Baptist Church in Corona, Sunday - Wednesday, June 15th - 18th .

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