Tuesday, May 27, 2008


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LATAYNE C. SCOTT, a Mormon convert to Evangelical Christianity, author of 13 published books, Chair of the Department of Biblical Representational Research and Author in Residence at Trinity Southwest University in Albuquerque, NM and the recipient of the Distinguished Christian Service Award by Pepperdine University for "Creative Christian Writing", will address the theme of her soon-to-be-reprinted classic THE MORMON MIRAGE (see her website). Latayne also recently completed writing her first novel, a murder mystery which takes place in Salt Lake City, UT, titled THE LATTER DAY CIPHER, which will be published by Moody Publishers in 2009.

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Charles Colloms said...

While doing some "self search", rethinking my life and who has influenced me, my memories brought me to Latayne. So, on a whim I googled her; I had no idea how active she has been since 1981 and her many accomplishments. On my road trip transition from SLC to Abilene to attend ACU, she and her husband hosted me in their home for a couple of nights along with their children. My memories of details are vague now, but what is not at all vague are my memories of her character. I struggle to choose which may preempt, non-judgment or humility, both of which were innately part of her. I've realized over time how similar we were, both simply searching. She married with kids, me 24yo single; but we weren't very different. She doesn't know this, but she helped me. I was very judgmental in those days, mostly of myself. A moment in conversation has stood out to me all these years... she opened my mind to possibilities of hope and mercy which I had not been taught to conceive. In those few words and the thoughts that she gave me, which I've always carried because they would not go away, she changed my life. I have not talked with her since that time, but I will always be grateful for her influence on me. I have this book from the first printing; Latayne signed it and wrote me a personal message. God love you, Latayne, as I do. Thank you so much for influencing my life.

Charles Colloms, Memphis, TN

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