Saturday, May 17, 2008

ISI Mailbox

Here is a letter written to Chris Arnzen, host of Iron Sharpens Iron:

Dear Chris,

what a fantastic show you had today with Irene Spencer. So timely as well, with the case in the news, and surely many people (like myself) wishing they could sit down with these women and understand what it is that brainwashes them so.

I listened to Irene talk about her former life in the Fundamentalist Mormon church, and even though the pain of those years was clearly in her voice, the JOY in the Lord she has now was far clearer. I think this was one of your best interviews yet.

Thank you for what you do, it truly is a blessing - to more people than I think any of us will ever know, this side of Glory.

Carla-- SOLI DEO GLORIA!Reflections of the Times Reflections - Apparel &

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