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THIS WEEK ON ISI (4/28 - 5/2)


DR. SAM WALDRON, one of the pastors of the Heritage Baptist Church of Owensboro, Kentucky, and the Professor of Systematic Theology at the Midwest Center for Theological Studies, will address the theme of his book: TO BE CONTINUED: Are the Miraculous Gifts for Today? , in which he builds systematic case for the complete cessation of the miraculous gifts as well as the office of Apostle and prophet.
Dr. Waldron is the author of numerous other books and pamphlets including Faith, Obedience, and Justification: Current Evangelical Departures from Sola Fide, 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith: A Modern Exposition, The End Times Made Simple, A Reformed Baptist Manifesto: The New Covenant Constitution of the Church and a contributor to the four views book on church government, Who Runs the Church? .

My cohost today is Pastor Jim Capo of the Massapequa Church of God who is not a cessationist but despises the abuse and fakery of the sign gifts rampant today, and finds much agreeable with Dr. Waldron's arguments.


IRENE SPENCER, who was born into a 4th generation Mormon Fundamentalist family, married at 16 years of age to her brother-in-law, shared her husband with 9 other wives and mothered 14 of her husband's 58 children will giver her truly fascinating testimony provided in her New York Times Best-Selling book: SHATTERED DREAMS: My Life as a Polygamist's Wife .

Today Irene is a born again believer in Jesus Christ. 12 of the 14 children she gave birth to are still living today. Her first baby, Leah, died at birth. Daughter Sandra died in 2000 of breast cancer. She currently has 119 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren, with more of both expected. There are approximately 40,000 to 60,000 practicing polygamists today in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30th: "DOES THE BIBLE MISQUOTE JESUS?: An Examination of the Heresies of Bart Ehrman"

DR. JAMES R. WHITE, director of Alpha & Omega Ministries , will address the thesis of his upcoming debate with well-known liberal bible scholar Dr. Bart Ehrman (former Evangelical who is now agnostic and is author of Misquoting Jesus): "Can the New Testament be Trusted in Light of Textual Variation."

Dr. White is a professor, having taught Greek, Systematic Theology, and various topics in the field of apologetics. He has authored or contributed to more than twenty books, including The King James Only Controversy, The Forgotten Trinity, The Potter's Freedom, and The God Who Justifies. He is an accomplished debater, having engaged in more than sixty moderated, public debates with leading proponents of Roman Catholicism, Liberal Protestantism, Islam, Oneness Pentecostalism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormonism. He is an elder of the Phoenix Reformed Baptist Church .

THURSDAY, MAY 1st: "NORTHERN FRONTIER CAMP: Helping Your Sons Become Leaders For Christ"

RALPH ESSERY, director of Northern Frontier Camp , located 45 minutes northwest of Lake George in New York, will discuss how this organization enables mentors to guide groups of boys and young men through adventure-packed, action-filled experiences that grow young people closer to God ... and equip them to be leaders of tomorrow. In addition, through programs designed specifically for them, Northern Frontier seeks to nurture and develop the relationship between fathers and sons.

My cohost today will be Bruce Coners, a long-time supporter of Northern Frontier Camp and member of New Hyde Park Baptist Church, New Hyde Park, Long Island, NY.

FRIDAY, MAY 2nd: "MARY: Her Role & Status in the New Testament & Roman Catholicism"

ERIC SVENDSEN, Evangelical apologist, debater, author and director of New Testament Research Ministries , will address the theme of his groundbreaking, 334-page work WHO IS MY MOTHER?: The Role & Status of Mary in the New Testament & Roman Catholicism .

Renowned Biblical Counselor and scholar Dr. Jay Adams said of Eric's masterpiece: "Until this book there has been no definitive response to the many Roman Catholic myths concerning Mary. Here, at last, anyone looking for it may find more than enough help. Arguments, no matter how outlandish, are considered and refuted; every biblical reference is carefully examined and exegeted, and a devastating (but calm) counter-argument is presented. The book is scholarly, but not difficult to read. I highly commend it!"

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