Friday, April 18, 2008

CHRISTIAN CLAUDIO: "RESCUED FROM HELL, RELEASED FROM PRISON: The Testimony of A Latin King Saved by the King of Kings"

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CHRISTIAN CLAUDIO, Founder of Long Island American Chaplains Association, will give his testimony titled: "RESCUED FROM HELL, RELEASED FROM PRISON: The Testimony of A Latin King Saved by the King of Kings."

Although growing up as a "good kid" and a "mama's boy," Christian spiralled into sinful pride and greed and found a lucrative lifestyle in early adulthood as a drug dealer in New York City. He was eventually arrested and sentenced to prison for selling illegal substances, attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder. While in prison, Christian, being Hispanic, became enamored with and joined the notorious gang known as "The Latin Kings."During his years of incarceration, Christian was saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, and finally his heart mirrored his name. He also began studying Reformed Theology, including the writings of renowned Reformed Baptist scholar and apologist Dr. James R. White .

Christian began fervently praying that the Lord would bring him a godly wife, and in time, his prayers were answered. By God's providence, a young born-again woman befriended Christian's mother in Puerto Rico, and she learned about her new friend's son, his transformation from darkness to Light and his desire for a helpmate. The two subsequently met, fell in love, and were married in prison. The warden, a fellow believer in Christ who had become very fond of Christian and was impressed with the authenticity of his spiritual transformation, attended the ceremony.

After 15 years of incarceration, Christian was recently paroled and began life as a free man, although in reality, he was already "freed" in an infinitely greater sense while still behind prison walls when Christ removed his heart of stone and gave him a new heart of flesh. Today Christian works as a mortgage broker in addition to serving as a chaplain, and reaches out to youth in an effort to prevent them from wandering down the dark road he once traveled.

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