Tuesday, April 15, 2008


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GARY DEMAR, Christian apologist, president of American Vision , editor in chief of Biblical Worldview Magazine and author of several highly acclaimed books, including LAST DAYS MADNESS (see the book here), returns to our broadcast to address the theme "THE END IS NEAR!!...Or Is It?"

It seems that the vast majority of Evangelicals writing the most popular books and articles, recording the most popular DVDs & CDs and making the loudest noise on radio and television on the study of end times are repeating the refrain "The End Is Near!!" While that often repeated warning is certainly true, relatively speaking, regarding our approaching physical death as individuals, is the "End of this world as we know it" certainly to come within the lifetime of this generation?

Gary DeMar will challenge the latter during this broadcast, and will also address such questions as "Are Islam and Russia mentioned in the Bible?", "Do not all the biblically prophesied signs point to the fact that Christ is returning very soon?", and more.

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