Monday, March 17, 2008


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IAN GOLIGHER, pastor of the Free Presbyterian Church in Cloverdale, British Columbia will address the theme: "THE TRUE SAINT PATRICK: CHAMPION OF GRACE". Ian is a native of Northern Ireland. He was converted at 18 and called to preach in the Free Presbyterian Church at age 21. He was ordained at 25 in a church in Northern Ireland. Ian came to Vancouver area 1984 with his wife Beulah. They have 5 children. Ian hosts a daily radio program in the Vancouver area. His burden is to preach Christ in all His fullness for men in all their need.
Today we will address such issues as:

1.) The condition of Ireland pre and post the missionary work of Patrick

2.) Places named after Patrick

3.) Patrick's birthplace and homeland

4.) Patrick's beliefs taken from his own writings - the only safe guide to an understanding of Patrick

5.) Patrick's enslavement

6.) Patrick's conversion

7.) Patrick's missionary call to Ireland

8.) Patrick's preaching on the Doctrine of the Trinity before the Druid King with a Shamrock

9.) Patrick's form of church government

10.) Patrick's doctrine/beliefs

11.) Patrick's legacy

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