Tuesday, March 11, 2008

DR. SAM WALDRON: "THE END TIMES MADE SIMPLE: How Could Everybody Be So Wrong About Biblical Prophecy?"

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DR. SAM WALDRON, one of the pastors of the Heritage Baptist Church of Owensboro, Kentucky and the Professor of Systematic Theology at the Midwest Center for Theological Studies will address the theme of his book: THE END TIMES MADE SIMPLE: How Could Everybody Be So Wrong About Biblical Prophecy?.

Rapture? Pre-Trib? Post-Trib? Millennium? Confused? You should be! In today’s Evangelical Christian world, eschatology—or the study of the “Last Things”—has been turned into a sort of pseudo-science with a plethora of authors claiming to know exactly the scenario of events that are to take place just prior to the Lord Jesus Christ’s return. On one hand, believers are told they must follow the unbiblical, complex and bizarre scheme of Dispensationalism, with its “Secret Rapture,” political Anti-Christ and worldly Millennium. On the other, those in the “full preterist” camp tell them that all biblical prophecy has been fulfilled in the past and that they should not look for the sky to break open and Our Lord to descend in judgment and triumph. But the author of this work claims that both are wrong and that eschatology, despite what many will tell you, is really a rather simple and straight forward affair. His thesis is that there is This Age, and The Age to Come…we will be, or are, in either one or the other. Any “End Times” system that forms a hybrid of these two, or contradicts this simple formula, is unbiblical, and should be rejected! Piece by piece, Waldron strips away years of false teaching and faulty exegesis thrust upon the church to reveal what the Bible, in its own simple but profound way, says about what will happen at the end of this present age.

Dr. Waldron will also respond to Monday's provocative interview on "Iron Sharpens Iron" with Historic Premillennialist Dr. Barry Horner on his latest book: FUTURE ISRAEL: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged .
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