Thursday, December 27, 2007


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PHIL JOHNSON, president of "Grace To You," the radio & tape ministry of world-renowned radio Bible teacher, author & pastor, DR. JOHN MACARTHUR, will address the theme "BRINGING THE GOSPEL TO A HOSTILE CULTURE".

The story of the Apostle Paul’s sermon on Mars Hill is one of the classic examples Paul’s evangelistic strategy, and it’s a model of how to confront false religion and philosophical skepticism. It's also one of the most-abused sections in all of Scripture.Today all the stress in evangelism is on style and methodology rather than truth and clarity. The conventional wisdom of this generation says we need to “contextualize” the gospel by finding common ground with our culture. We’re told we need to adapt our message as much as possible to the beliefs and preferences of our culture’s dominant philosophies, and win people chiefly by appealing to whatever they already believe and whatever already captures their interest.

In reality (and in contrast), the Apostle Paul was bold and plain-spoken. He was counter-cultural, confrontive, confident, and (by Athenian standards, much less today's standards) closed-minded. He offended a significant number of Athens's intellectual elite, and he walked away from that encounter without winning the admiration of society at large, but with just a small group of converts who followed him.

Phil also maintains "The Spurgeon Archive", the largest collection of Charles Haddon Spurgeon resources on the world wide web.

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