Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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DAVID DYKSTRA is the author of YEARNING TO BREATHE FREE? THOUGHTS ON IMMIGRATION, ISLAM & FREEDOM . Rev. Dykstra's excellent book is one of the top 100 favorite books of Marvin Olasky of "World Magazine" written over the last 7 years (see here). Here's what a Muslim convert to Christianity, Daniel Raha, said about Yearning to Breathe Free:

"David Dykstra's book is an invaluable resource in these days when Muslims are conspiring in their long-term plan to dominate the United States. As a native from a country which has experienced Islamic extremism for 1,400 years, I take great joy in reading a book that so clearly explains the horrible tenets of this violent religion. I hope by reading this book, Americans will realize the lies of the so-called modern Islamic rulers, who say to the world that they are now sophisticated and that a modern, peaceful, democratic form of Islam can be achieved. It is urgent for westerners to understand that, in reality, the extremist Islamic belief system maintains that people are either Muslim and obey absolutely what the Koran says, or they are Kafers (non believers) and must be killed. Anyone who reads the Koran intelligently will recognize that freedom, peace, and democracy can never be assimilated with the phenomenon called fanatical Islam. Since Islam has given Persians nothing but barbarianism, superstition, cruelty, torture, prisons, and unspeakable ways to die, I hope this book will help to prevent the same situation from happening to the great people of the United States."

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