Wednesday, September 19, 2007


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CAROLE WHANG SCHUTTER, the Evangelical Christian author of the screenplay for the critically acclaimed, extremely controversial motion picture "SEPTEMBER DAWN", starring Academy Award winning actor Jon Voight, and the novel of the same title (see this link for more details).

My co-host for this interview will be LATAYNE C. SCOTT, a Mormon convert to Evangelical Christianity and author of The Mormon Mirage (see The film "SEPTEMBER DAWN" is based on the truly historical event known as "The Mountain Meadows Massacre", a horrific event in our nation's history which, ironically, occurred on September 11th, 1857, involving the brutal murder of 120 men, women and children by a Mormon militia. These innocent victims were emigrants, mostly from Arkansas, traveling to California who had the misfortune of passing through the Utah territory during the infamous "Utah War" between Mormon settlers and the United States federal government. These Mormon assassins only spared the lives of 17 of the youngest children.

To hear recent interviews on "Iron Sharpens Iron" that we conducted with former Mormon High Priest and convert to Evangelical Christianity WILLIAM NORMAN GRIGG during which he specifically addressed "The Mountain Meadows Massacre", his own personal testimony of conversion from Mormonism to Christianity and a movie review of "September Dawn" (which originally aired on August 7th & 22nd & September 13th), you can look up the free, archived, downloadable mp3's here.

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