Wednesday, July 21, 2010

David Wood: PART 2: The Islamisation of America: Why Christians were Arrested in Dearborn, Michigan

MP3 Available Here

David Wood, Evangelical Christian apologist to the Muslims, will address the theme: "PART 2: The Islamisation of America: Why Christians were Arrested in Dearborn, Michigan".

Tonight David will be joined by Negeen Mayel and Paul Rezkalla.

On June 19th, Christian apologists David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi of the Acts 17 Apologetics Ministry, and two other Christians, Negeen Mayel and Paul Rezkalla, were arrested for proselytizing Muslims... "Where did this arrest take place?", you might ask... "Was it in Saudi Arabia?"... "Iran, perhaps?"... No... It happened right here in the good ole USA!

These Christians were on their annual visit to the Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan (see, and, according to David Wood & Nabeel Qureshi, were in complete compliance with the rules set by officials there. The Arrest of Nabeel Qureshi and David Wood is now available on video since their cameras and unerased videos were finally returned to them by the Dearborn police.

As Qureshi described it:"At one point, we came across a festival volunteer who seemed to take issue with us simply being at the festival. We could tell he had a problem with us, and so we asked 'What are we doing wrong?' He said 'Put the camera and microphone down, and I'll tell you.'... So I obliged, handing the microphone to David and asking him to not record the man... About 20 minutes later, to shouts and cheers of 'Allahu Akbar!' we were all being led away from the festival in handcuffs..."

You can view the story on YouTube here:

Our guest tonight, David Wood, is a former atheist who converted to Christianity based on the historical evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus. David now debates both atheists and Muslims and is co-director of Acts 17 Apologetics Ministries, an organization he founded with Nabeel Qureshi, a convert from Islam to Christianity. David also contributes to, which he considers to be the very best resource available anywhere, bar none, to discover and learn the true history and teachings of Islam. He personally operates the blog site

David's ministry comes very highly recommended by frequent "Iron Sharpens Iron" guest, renowned Christian apologist and biblical scholar Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries. You can listen to other interviews with David Wood on "Iron Sharpens Iron" on free downloadable MP3 format
by clicking here.

David has become fondly known as "Iron Sharpens Iron's Resident Apologist to the Muslims". David is also a Teaching Fellow in Philosophy at Fordham University.


Andrew Suttles said...

Was the first discussion ever recorded? There is still not mp3 posted.

Lothair Of Lorraine said...

So now James White is 'renowned'? I hardly think so.

Apologetic efforts like those of James White are moving the shrinking church into real catastrophe. White's debate model represents a strain of antogonism that plays on popular fear used by ambitious pastors who toil away to increase personal influence at any cost. Naturally, a small following has coallesed around his 'ministry'.

On the other hand, it may be that James White is merely trying to follow in the footsteps of the early sectarian congregations by emphasising the soteriological and eschatological realities that call for a heightened need for the type of cultic separation that the Gospel stresses.

It is hard to say whether he is addressing a real need or stressing a dangerous sectarian identification that has often resulted in the persecution of the church.

Either way, he incessantly protrays himself as the necessary victor over any opponent, sole arbiter of any rule or tradition and the ad hoc victim of his critics.

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