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ISI MP3's Will Not Be Available Much Longer

Dear Iron Sharpens Iron listeners,

There is a very good chance the mp3 recordings of the past shows won't be available much longer.  If you've enjoyed a particular show, now would be a good time to download a copy of it.

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Keith Throop:Toward a Biblical Understanding of Depession

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Keith Throop, pastor of Immanual Baptist Church in Bloomington, IL ( http://www.immanuelhomepage.org/ ) will address the theme: "Toward a Biblical Understanding of Depession".

Our guest tonight knows from personal experience the painful battle of facing depression as a Christian, largely due the fact that over four years ago his wife Kim was diagnosed with ovarian cancer (praise be to God she has been cancer free for three full years now).

Pastor Throop's goal tonight is to work through the Scriptures in order to help build a Biblical framework within which to understand the role depression may play in our lives as Christians and how we should deal with it from a Biblical point of view.

Here are some blog articles by Pastor Throop that you may find very helpful:



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David Conn: PART TWO: Jim Jones: How Liberalism Helped to Form a Cult

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David Conn, author of The Cult that Died, will address the theme: "PART TWO: Jim Jones: How Liberalism Helped to Form a Cult".

Here is an article by our guest to help explain his position:

“Jonestown: Spawn of the Disciples of Christ” by David Conn

In the early 1970s only a few outsiders had acquired reliable information on the profane activities of Jim Jones. Brenda Ganatos in Ukiah and I in the Bay Area each tried vainly to convince authorities. Ultimately it became clear that politicians, theologians of the New Age, and weak-minded media, became—in almost every case—the set of Jones’ liberal protectors. They basked in adoration of his social activist goals, specious as they were. And the public followed like sheep when those radical leftists planted Jones deep in the San Francisco hierarchy.

Then came the Guyana holocaust, followed by an immediate spate of excuses from the aforementioned liberals. Insidiously leftist San Francisco politicians along with New Age church leaders dodged questions or lied outright about their ties to Jones. The Disciples of Christ, in particular, got away with a phenomenal cover-up, thus exacerbating their radically heretical aberrations—even outdoing the dangerously perverted theological propensities of the United Church of Christ. (The Disciples of Christ dare not challenge me, because they are aware that I know how spiritually sick they have become. So they would never allow an interview with any of their leaders that I might choose.)
Let me be specific about the Disciples of Christ. They welcomed Jim Jones into their denomination with open arms. Then, eight years prior to the Guyana mass murder, they received detailed evidence of his fake healings. I personally warned their bishop in 1970 (directly and by letter). Later, upon getting an earful of Jones’ atrocities (beatings, the abuse of children in “survival outings” where they were forced to eat raw bugs, lizards, and their own vomit), the Disciples leaders continued to defend a monster in their midst. They could not even admit the truth that one of their own, a radically leftist theologian, encouraged at least eight or ten people to join the cult. But, when one of their theologians (probably the one among them who was truly honest) confronted them in one high-level secret meeting just days after the Guyana tragedy, they sent him home with orders to burn “the stencils” of his proposition. They further warned that he should “not mention this to our communications office.” Intellectual cowards is a phrase that comes not remotely close to describing their fierce rejection of honor and decency. Had they but a twit of courage and integrity, Jones would have gone nowhere in California. Children and adults, hundreds of them, would therefore not have died in agony. What more can be said? A journalist, the most courageous and honest of the many I worked with, summed it up most succinctly: The Disciples of Christ “stink on dry ice.”

(David Conn is the author of Lednorf’s Dilemma, which is reviewed here. An excerpt from the book appears here. A second article by Mr. Conn, “Jonestown, Its Portent Has Arrived,” appears in this edition of the jonestown report. He can be reached at DavCon137@aol.com.)

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Mark Allison: Harold Camping Still Defiant

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Mark Allison, Minister at the Free Presbyterian Church of Malvern, PA, and adjunct professor of Theology and Pastoral Theology at Geneva Reformed Seminary in Greenville, SC, will address the theme: "Harold Camping Still Defiant".

Prior to last Saturday, Harold Camping, president of Family Radio, established in 1958 under its official name: Family Stations Inc. (http://www.familyradio.com/), proclaimed "THE END OF THE WORLD IS ALMOST HERE! HOLY GOD WILL BRING JUDGMENT DAY ON MAY 21, 2011." That prediction obviously proved to be false. This is the second failed prediction regarding Judgment Day and the end of the world Mr. Camping has made, the first date predicted being 1994. He now claims that Judgment Day did begin last Saturday but only in a spiritual sense, and that the world will be destroyed physically this October: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-13517496.

Since Mr. Camping has become globally known through Family Radio's worldwide broadcast facilities, including more than 150 outlets in the United States alone, in addition to Family Radio's mission trips and tract distribution, "Iron Sharpens Iron" believes his claims must be publicly examined in the light of Holy Scripture.

The Free Presbyterian Church of Malvern, PA, where tonight's guest Dr. Mark Allison serves as Minister, has a history connected with Family Radio. FPC of Malvern's former Minister, John Greer, who served that congregation from 1983 to 2000 before returning to his homeland, Northern Ireland, to minister at the FPC congregation in Ballymena, County Antrim, was often heard on Family Radio's "Echoes" broadcast, in addition to his own, daily, 15-minute program on Family Radio called "Let the Bible Speak". Our guest Dr. Allison was also heard many times preaching on Family Radio's "Echoes" program. FPC of Malvern later severed all ties with Family Radio, just as many other biblically sound churches and ministries did, after Harold Camping began to make public his heretical teaching that "the Church Age has ended". David Morrell, retired Vice President of Family Radio, was a member of FPC of Malvern and left the congregation along with about a dozen other members due to their loyalty to Mr. Camping's teachings. Obviously, tonight's theme is a great burden upon the heart of our guest Dr. Mark Allison.

We also highly recommend that you listen to a two part interview on the subject of Harold Camping's heresies with Mark Allison originally aired Sept. 15-16, 2010, and the two-day debate "Iron Sharpens Iron" aired between Harold Camping and Dr. James R. White of Alpha & Omega Ministries in July of 2009, followed by three days of debate review provided by Mr. Camping, Dr. White and Christian blogger "Turretin Fan".

Here is a Sermon Audio message by Pastor Allsion on this subject: http://www.sermonaudio.com/playpopup.asp?SID=524112217497

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Kenneth R. Samples: Does Harold Camping Meet the Criteria for Being a Cult Leader?

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Kenneth R. Samples, former co-host of "The Bible Answer Man" broadcast and Senior Research Scholar at Reasons To Believe, will address the theme: "Does Harold Camping Meet the Criteria for Being a Cult Leader?"

As many of you know, Harold Camping, founder & president of Family Radio, proclaimed that the Bible guaranteed Judgment Day would begin last Saturday, May 21st at 6pm. Obviously his prediction failed. Mr. Camping is also well known for his heretical teaching that Christ is now the enemy of the church and all truly faithful Christians must flee from it, leaving Mr. Camping and his colleagues at Family Radio as their sole source of spiritual guidance. Tonight we will discuss the question of whether or not Mr. Camping's teachings warrant that he be deemed an actual cult leader.

Kenneth Samples switched from pursuing a career in professional baseball to voraciously studying Christian philosophy and theology when his thirst for purpose found relief in the Bible. He earned his undergraduate degree in philosophy and social science from Concordia University and his M.A. in theological studies from Talbot School of Theology . For seven years, Kenneth worked as Senior Research Consultant and Correspondence Editor at the Christian Research Institute (CRI) and regularly co-hosted popular call-in radio program, The Bible Answer Man, with Dr.Walter Martin and Hank Hanegraaff.

As a youth, Kenneth wrestled with "unsettling feelings of meaninglessness and boredom," driving him to seek answers to life’s "big questions." An encounter with Christian philosophy in Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis led Kenneth to examine the New Testament and "finally believe that Jesus Christ is the divine Son of God, the Lord and Savior of the world." From then on, he pursued an intellectually satisfying faith.

Today, as senior research scholar at Reasons To Believe (RTB), Kenneth uses his knowledge to help others find the answers to life's questions. He encourages believers to develop a logically defensible faith and challenges skeptics to engage Christianity at a philosophical level. He is the author of "Without a Doubt" and "A World of Difference", and has contributed to numerous other books, including: "Lights in the Sky & Little Green Men", "The Cult of the Virgin", and "Prophets of the Apocalypse". He has written articles for "Christianity Today" and "The Christian Research Journal", and regularly participates in RTB's weekly live webcast, "Creation Update".

An avid speaker and debater, Kenneth has appeared on numerous radio programs such as "Religion on the Line", "Voice America Radio", "Newsmakers", "Talk New York", and "Issues Etc", as well as participated in debates and dialogues on topics relating to Christian doctrine and apologetics. He currently lectures for the Master of Arts program in Christian Apologetics at Biola University . Kenneth also teaches adult classes at Christ Reformed Church in Southern California .

Over the years Kenneth has held memberships in the American Philosophical Association, the Evangelical Philosophical Society, the Evangelical Theological Society, and the Evangelical Press Association.
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