Thursday, August 9, 2007


JAMES WHITE & GERRY MATATICS: "Sedevacantism: Part 2"

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DR. JAMES R. WHITE, renowned author, Bible scholar, debater and Founder & Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries , a theologically Reformed, Evangelical Protestant apologetics organization based in Phoenix, Arizona, will conduct a "REVIEW OF WEDNESDAY'S INTERVIEW WITH GERRY MATATICS" (see above). Dr. White is perfectly suited to provide commentary due to the fact that he debated Gerry Matatics on the subject of the Papacy in Denver during "World Youth Day" in 1993 (he had previously debated him on the subject in 1990 in Tempe, a debate moderated by Scott Hahn). According to Dr. White, it remains one of the clearest refutations of Rome's claims to papal primacy offered by Alpha & Omega Ministries. A full seven hours worth of debate (real debate, not radio programs with callers, commercials, and the like, debate---the real thing) during which Mr. Matatics defended the very institution he *now* claims is in apostasy. For those interested, I would direct anyone to every single one of the debates Dr. White has done on the Papacy in general, and papal infallibility in particular, which includes debates against Catholic apologists Gerry Matatics, Robert Sungenis, Tim Staples, and Mitch Pacwa, offered at Gerry Matatics has agreed to have some interaction with Dr. White during this extremely controversial, live broadcast.


Home Site said...

Iron cannot sharpen iron useless but people are christian .Catholics are not Christians.They have a different belief of salvation.

Unknown said...

Catholics are Christians. In fact, they are the first Christians on record. Read the early church fathers. If you seek the truth in its fullness, you'll read the very first Christians.

The Protestants changed their view of salvation, not the Catholics. Catholics maintain that both faith and works are necessary, as the Bible, itself, teaches. See below:

Matt 7:24
Matt 25:34-36
Matt 19:16-17
Matt 18:
Matt 5:20
Matt 24:9-14 [Matt 10:22]
Luke 10:25-28
Rom 2:6-11
2 Cor 5:10
Matt 16:27
Luke 6:35
Luke 6:46
Rom 2:5-13
Gal 6:8-9
John 5:28
1 John 3:7
1 John 5:3
Rom 1:5
Rom 16:26
Gal 5:26
1 Cor 3:8-9
1 Cor 13:2
James 1:22
James 2:21-26
James 2:17

In Christ,
James Wallace

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